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Is there any instance in which you do not want to get a good deal? One of the best things that you can do is go through a store and pick out the things that you love, and have enough money to buy them all!有沒有你不想得到一件實惠商品的例子?你能做的最好的一件事就是去商店挑選你喜歡的東西,并且有足夠的錢買所有的東西!

Getting a great deal, or finding things on sale, is a great way to stretch the money that you have. Other than earning more, you can definitely save more to end up with more money left!買很多東西,或是找到打折的東西,是一個很好的方式來擴展你的錢。除了掙更多的錢,你絕對可以存更多的錢,最后剩下更多的錢!

In some countries, haggling and talking to someone to get a bargain is part of the consumer culture. The vendor will almost always quote you a price that is higher than it should be because he expects you to ask for a bargain.在一些國家,討價還價和找人討價還價是消費文化的一部分。賣主幾乎總是會給你報一個高于預期的價格,因為他希望你討價還價。

It then becomes almost like a dance, where you have to give a price that you are willing to pay (it should be lower than you are prepared to pay) and then see how the shop owner responds.然后,它幾乎變成了一場舞蹈,你必須給出一個你愿意付出的價格(應該低于你準備付出的價格),然后看看店主如何回應。

Usually, you are able to eventually come to an agreement – but do not be afraid to walk away from the deal if it is not to your liking! You do not have to buy from anyone if you do not want to. These kinds of practices are common in parts of the developing world, including Southeast Asia, for example, when prices that someone initially present to you can be more than 200% more expensive than they are willing to sell it for.通常,你可以最終達成協議,但如果協議不符合你的意愿,不要害怕放棄!如果你不愿意,你不必向任何人購買。這類做法在包括東南亞在內的一些發展中國家很常見,例如,當某人最初向你提供的價格比他們愿意出售的價格高出200%以上時。

Sometimes, you just have to know what kind of tourist scams people often try to pull on you, and be aware of them.有時候,你只需要知道人們經常試圖利用什么樣的旅游騙局來欺騙你,并且要意識到這些騙局。

In most developed countries, or at least if you go to a physical store, pricing is much more transparent. If you want to browse the items that are available, you can. When you do that, you also can see tags or signs that say the price of each item.在大多數發達國家,或者至少如果你去實體店,定價要透明得多。如果要瀏覽可用的項目,可以。當你這樣做的時候,你也可以看到標簽或標志,上面寫著每件商品的價格。

For these kinds of stores, the prices are usually fixed, meaning there is no negotiation welcome. However, you can find special deals, or sales.對于這些類型的商店,價格通常是固定的,這意味著沒有談判歡迎。然而,你可以找到特別的交易,或銷售。

This is because, for one reason or another, the store owner is willing to give you a lower price so that they can get rid of the items faster. This is common in places like clothing stores, where the item selection is seasonal.這是因為,出于某種原因,店主愿意給你一個較低的價格,這樣他們就可以更快地把商品處理掉。這在服裝店這樣的地方很常見,那里的商品選擇是季節性的。

If you go in winter, you probably want to buy large coats and thick pants. For the summer, you might be looking for a bathing suit or sleeveless top.如果你冬天去,你可能想買大外套和厚褲子。夏天,你可能要找一套泳衣或無袖上衣。

When it gets to the end of those seasons, the store will often discount their stock to make room for the clothes they have for the new season.當季節結束時,商店常常會打折出售存貨,為新季節的衣服騰出地方。

That is why the best time to buy winter clothes in the Northern Hemisphere is in March or April, and the best time to buy summer clothes is in January or December.這就是為什么在北半球購買冬裝的最佳時間是在3月或4月,而購買夏裝的最佳時間是在1月或12月。

Some stores – including restaurants – will have special discounts to entice you to come to their store on a particular day, or to try a new product.一些商店,包括餐館,會有特別的折扣來吸引你在某一天來他們的商店,或者嘗試新產品。

If you want to take advantage of these sales, these are some of the questions that you can ask!如果你想利用這些銷售,這些是一些問題,你可以問!

1. What are the specials?1.有什么特色菜?

Typically, when asking about a special, you are in a restaurant. Restaurants, ranging from fast food to high end fancy ones, often have something that they want to nudge you towards ordering.通常情況下,當你詢問一個特別的,你在一家餐廳。從快餐店到高檔高檔高檔餐廳,通常都會有一些他們想讓你點的東西。

(Sometimes this is because they have extra of a particular ingredient.)(有時這是因為它們含有額外的特殊成分。)

For most restaurants where you sit down to eat, they will have specials that are priced lower. You can always ask your server to introduce them to you, and try something new!對于大多數你坐下來吃飯的餐館來說,他們會有價格更低的特色菜。你可以隨時要求你的服務器向你介紹他們,并嘗試一些新的東西!

What are the specials for today, sir? I am a vegetarian so please let me know the ones without meat only.先生,今天有什么特色菜?我是素食主義者,所以請告訴我那些沒有肉的。

Does this restaurant have any specials for appetizers? We would like to hear the options.這家餐館有開胃菜的特色菜嗎?我們想聽聽選擇。

2. Can I get a discount?2.我可以得到折扣嗎?

Sometimes, you can ask for a discount directly. This does not often work, but you would be surprised when it might get you a good deal. Discounts usually come in two different forms: fixed rate and fixed amount.有時,你可以直接要求折扣。這并不經常奏效,但當它可能給你帶來一筆好交易時,你會感到驚訝。折扣通常有兩種形式:固定利率和固定金額。

The fixed rate discount is a discount that varies by the amount of money that you plan on spending. If you have different options for things, the amount that you can save is higher if you spend more.固定利率折扣是一種折扣,根據你計劃的消費金額而變化。如果你有不同的選擇,如果你花更多的錢,你可以節省更多的錢。

This kind of discount is usually presented as a percentage or fraction. For example, if the discount is 10%, you can save $10 if you buy something for $100, or $20 if you buy something worth $200.這種折扣通常以百分比或分數表示。例如,如果折扣是10%,如果你花100美元買東西,你可以省10美元;如果你花200美元買東西,你可以省20美元。

The other type of discount, the fixed amount, is the same for both. If you have a $10 discount, you will save $10 if the item is $100 or $200.另一種類型的折扣,固定金額,兩者相同。如果你有10美元的折扣,你將節省10美元,如果項目是100美元或200美元。

Sometimes, you can ask for a discount if you buy more than one thing (buy in bulk). Some people are willing to give you a discount if you buy 3 shirts, but not if you buy just 1.有時,如果你買的東西不止一件(批量購買),你可以要求折扣。有些人愿意給你折扣,如果你買3件襯衫,但不是如果你只買1件。

I hate to ask this, but can I get a discount?我不想問這個,但我能打折嗎?

If I buy 5 bags, can I get a discount?如果我買5個包,可以打折嗎?

3. Are there any discounts available?3.有折扣嗎?

Sometimes, the salespeople that you talk to are happy to tell you what kind of deals their store is having. This is especially true if they earn money by commission, meaning they earn a portion of what you spend.有時候,和你交談的銷售人員很樂意告訴你他們的商店有什么樣的交易。如果他們靠傭金賺錢,這一點尤其正確,這意味著他們從你的支出中賺取一部分。

Though you will spend less, you are more likely to actually buy something, which can be a challenge in the first place. If you are very friendly with a salesperson, they may even use their friends and family discount code to get you a great deal.雖然你會花更少的錢,但你更有可能買一些東西,這首先是一個挑戰。如果你對銷售人員非常友好,他們甚至可以使用他們的朋友和家人的折扣代碼來幫你大賺一筆。

Before I pay, are there any discounts available?在我付款之前,有折扣嗎?

4. Is there anything on clearance?4.有沒有清倉的貨物?

Clearance is what happens when a store really wants to get rid of certain items. This is often because there are only one or two of the items left, they are about to expire (food items), or they are out of season (like clothes).當一家商店真的想甩掉某些商品時,就會發生清倉。這通常是因為只剩下一兩件物品,它們即將過期(食品),或是淡季(如衣服)。

In this case, most stores will have a special clearance section, where all of these kinds of merchandise are stored. Ask about them to be shown what the deals are! Take note that many of these items are out of style, or close to expiring.在這種情況下,大多數商店都會有一個特別的清關區,所有這些商品都存放在這里。詢問他們,讓他們知道什么是交易!請注意,其中許多項目已過時,或接近過期。

This does not make them bad, but there is a reason that they are on clearance! Often, however, you can find discounts of 30% or more.這并沒有讓他們變得糟糕,但他們有理由被清除!然而,通常你可以找到30%或更多的折扣。

Excuse me, is there anything on clearance here?對不起,這里有清倉的東西嗎?

5. Where is the clearance section?5.哪里是清倉區域?

The clearance section is where all the items on clearance are stored. This is a great place to browse, even if you are not sure that you want to buy anything.清倉區是所有清關物品的存放處。這是一個很好的地方瀏覽,即使你不確定你想買什么。

Special sections with all the items on clearance are common in clothing stores, but other types of stores have them as well.在服裝店,所有物品都在清關的特殊區域很常見,但其他類型的商店也有。

I am looking for the clearance section. Where is it?我正在找清倉區,請問在哪里?

6. What all is on sale?6.有什么特價商品?

If you are looking for a sale, just ask for it! There may not things on clearance, but most places you can shop have things on sale. There are some small variations of this question, including:如果你想減價,就要它!可能沒有清關的東西,但大多數你可以購物的地方都有打折的東西。這個問題有一些小的變化,包括:

What all is on sale?有什么特價商品?

What things do you have that are on sale?你們有什么特價商品?

Do you have any items that are on sale?你們有特價商品嗎?

7. Is anything being liquidated?7.有沒有清盤的貨物?

A liquidation is what happens when a business needs to sell a large amount of its inventory, usually because it is going out of business or moving to a smaller location. To liquidate something means to turn it into cash.清算是指企業需要出售大量存貨時所發生的情況,通常是因為企業倒閉或轉移到較小的地點。清算某物意味著把它變成現金。

This means that the store owner usually just wants to get some money out of the things that they still have left, and you can find amazing deals. Often, everything in the store is included in the sale, so you can buy all kinds of things at once!這意味著,店主通常只想從他們剩下的東西中得到一些錢,你可以找到驚人的交易。通常,商店里的所有東西都包括在減價中,所以你可以一次買到各種各樣的東西。

I heard this store is being closed down. Is anything being liquidated?我聽說這家商店關門了。有什么東西要清算嗎?

8. Is this a closing out sale?8.這是一次清倉甩賣嗎?

Another term for a liquidation is a closing out sale. For these, almost everything is price at the wholesale price that the store gets it from, so you can save a lot!清算的另一個術語是終止出售。對于這些,幾乎所有的東西都是按批發價來定價的,所以你可以省很多錢!

I saw a going out of business sign on the front door! Is this a closing out sale?我看到前門有個停業的牌子!這是一次清倉甩賣嗎?

9. Are there any coupons that I can use for this?9.有我可以用的優惠券嗎?

Some stores have their own coupons. These are slips of paper that you can bring with you to the store to get a cheaper price on items!有些商店有自己的優惠券。這些是紙條,你可以把它們帶到商店里,以獲得更便宜的價格!

For the stores that do not have their own coupons, you might be able to find a manufacturer’s coupon – or a discount that is given by the company that makes the products.對于沒有自己優惠券的商店,您可能可以找到制造商的優惠券,或者是生產產品的公司提供的折扣。

Companies that want to introduce their new product or help get them into different stores can offer these, and then reimburse the company when the coupons are redeemed.公司如果想介紹他們的新產品或幫助他們進入不同的商店,可以提供這些,然后在兌換優惠券時償還公司。

My friend said that she got this item for 50% off last week, I think with a coupon. Are there any coupons that I can use for this?我朋友說她上星期買了這個東西,我想是有優惠券的。有我可以用的優惠券嗎?

10. Does the store have any special offers on their products?10.這家商店的產品有特價嗎?

This is another question that you can ask the salesperson that you meet in the store.這是另一個你可以問你在商店遇到的售貨員的問題。

11. Are you able to give me a better price than that?11.你能給我一個更好的價格嗎?

To be able to ask this question, you usually have to talk to a manager or owner. The person has to have the power to give you discounts, so that means it has to be someone with some authority.要問這個問題,你通常必須和經理或老板談談。這個人必須有權力給你折扣,所以這意味著它必須是有某種權威的人。

However, you could also use this sentence when bargaining with a street vendor. Usually, they are in charge of their stalls, and decide on each of the transactions that they conduct with their customers. When I travel, I almost always ask this after they give me an initial price!不過,你也可以用這個句子與街頭小販討價還價。通常,他們負責自己的攤位,并決定與客戶進行的每一筆交易。當我旅行時,我幾乎總是在他們給我一個初始價格后問這個問題!

This is also a useful sentence for when multiple people are “bidding” for you. When there are several people asking you to buy from or do business with them, you can get an offer from one and ask this question to the other.這也是當多重人群被“欺騙”時的一個用處。當有很多人要求你從他們那里買東西或做生意時,你可以從一個人那里得到這個問題,并向另一個人提出這個問題。

Come on, I saw someone else offer that lady $3 lower than yours! Are you able to give me a better price than that?拜托,我看到有人給那位女士比你低3美元!你能給我一個更好的價格嗎?

She offered me $20 per hour, are you able to give me a better price than that?她每小時給我20美元,你能給我一個比那更好的價格嗎?

12. Do you have any packages that I can consider?12.有更優惠的套餐嗎?

Often times, the more volume you buy, the lower the cost of something. This is because people are more willing to give you a lower price per unit since they can make up that revenue by selling you more.通常情況下,你買的東西越多,價格就越低。這是因為人們更愿意給你一個較低的單價,因為他們可以通過出售你更多來彌補收入。

Even though they make a little less for each thing they sell, they can make more overall. That also explains why buying a 20 pack of water bottles at Costco comes to $0.50 each while if you buy just one bottle, it costs $2.盡管他們每賣一件東西賺得少一點,但他們可以賺得更多。這也解釋了為什么在好市多買20包水瓶的價格是0.50美元,而如果你只買一瓶,就要2美元。

In many service-based businesses, the vendor is more than willing to give you a better deal if you buy more of them. For example, a language tutor might charge you $20 per hour.在許多基于服務的企業中,如果你購買更多的服務,供應商非常愿意給你一個更好的交易。例如,一個語言家教可能每小時收費20美元。

However, if you book ten lessons at once, they might only charge you $190 out of the $200 that the lessons are worth. If you know that you are going to use up those things anyways, it only makes sense to buy them or pay for them in advance! That way, you can get a discount!但是,如果你一次訂十節課,他們可能只收你200美元中的190美元。如果你知道你無論如何都要用光這些東西,那就買它們或者提前付款才有意義!這樣,你可以得到折扣!

I would be interested in taking more classes with you. Do you have any packages that I can consider?我有興趣和你一起上更多的課。有更優惠的套餐嗎?

My thinking is that having classes every month will be a great way to make sure that I practice. Do you have any packages that I can consider?我的想法是每個月都上課是確保我練習的好方法。有更優惠的套餐嗎?

13. Are you going to have a markdown on this soon?13.你很快就要降價了嗎?

A markdown is also known as a markdown in prices. In other words, it is a discount! If you have something that is made cheaper, that is a markdown.降價也可以說markdown in prices。換句話說,這是一個折扣!如果你有便宜的東西,那就是降價。

If you are shopping in a store for something, but you do not need it right away, you can always ask whether there will be a markdown on that item later.如果你在商店里買東西,但你不需要馬上買,你可以隨時問,以后是否會有降價。

If there will be, you can wait a little bit to buy that item and save some money in the meantime!如果有的話,你可以等一段時間再買那個東西,同時省點錢!

There might be another month before I need the tent to go camping. Are you going to have a markdown on this soon?再過一個月我就需要帳篷去露營了。你很快就要降價了嗎?

Are you going to have a markdown on this soon? If you are, I think I am willing to wait until then to buy the item.你很快就要降價了嗎?如果是的話,我想我愿意等到那時候再買。

14. Do you price match with other stores?14.你的價格和其他商店相匹配嗎?

If a store is willing to price match, that means that they will match the lowest prices of another store for the same product. This is really useful if you only want to or have time to go to a single store.如果一家商店愿意匹配價格,這意味著他們將匹配同一產品的另一家商店的最低價格。如果你只想或有時間去一家商店,這真的很有用。

You should be able to talk to them about getting the price match, so that you only have to make one stop to get the cheapest prices for items.你應該可以和他們談價格匹配的問題,這樣你只需要停一站就可以得到最便宜的商品價格。

In the United States, Walmart is sometimes willing to do this. If you bring in the advertisements of other stores, and show it to the employees there, they should be willing to change the prices for you!在美國,沃爾瑪有時愿意這樣做。如果你把其他商店的廣告帶進來,給那里的員工看,他們應該愿意為你改變價格!

While this is not exactly a discount, because you could just go to the other store to get that price, it does save you time. Because time is money, sometimes it really is worth doing!雖然這不是一個折扣,因為你可以去另一家商店得到這個價格,它確實節省了你的時間。因為時間就是金錢,有時候真的值得去做!

I found this item on discount at the grocery store down the street and brought in their ad for it. Do you price match with other stores?I think it would benefit both of us to make this the only place that I shop, so do you price match with other stores?我在街對面的雜貨店找到了這件打折的商品,并帶來了他們的廣告。你的價格和其他商店相匹配嗎?

Other Places to Look for a Sale其他打折的地方

Sometimes, the best way to get a sale is to go to a place that is made for sales. A lot of times that means buying something second hand, when it has been gently used by someone else.This is good not only for the environment (the other person is able to sell their item instead of throwing it away or just letting it sit there) but also for both of you! The buyer can get a lower price, and the seller can get some money for that item.有時,最好的銷售方式是去一個地方,是為銷售。很多時候這意味著買一些二手貨,當它被別人輕輕地使用時。這不僅對環境有利(對方可以賣掉他們的東西而不是扔掉或只是讓它坐在那里),而且對你們兩個都有利!買方可以得到一個較低的價格,而賣方可以得到一些錢的項目。

Garage sale車庫甩賣

A garage sale is something that you will sometimes see in the suburbs, where people have their own houses and yards. For a garage sale, they will put some things that they are looking to sell in their garage, and all the neighbors are welcome to come and browse their items. These are a great way to find good deals, because most people are just trying to clear out the things that they have in their homes.車庫甩賣是你有時會在郊區看到的東西,那里的人們有自己的房子和院子。對于車庫銷售,他們會把一些他們想賣的東西放在車庫里,歡迎所有鄰居來瀏覽他們的物品。這是一個很好的方式找到好的交易,因為大多數人只是試圖清除他們在家里的東西。

Do you have time to come with me to the garage sale this weekend?這個周末你有時間和我一起去車庫大甩賣嗎?

Look at this great painting that I found in a garage sale last week!看這幅我上周在一次車庫拍賣會上發現的偉大的畫!

Moving sale搬家賤賣

If someone is moving, especially if they are going to another country, they sometimes will have a moving sale. This is a good way for them to put almost everything that they have on sale, in the hopes that they will be able to get rid of it.Considering that shipping things is very expensive, especially if they are large, it is not worth it to ship them. Selling them for cash and then buying replacements is much more economical.For moving sales, that usually means that things like furniture (beds, couches, bookshelves etc.) and cars are included in the sale.You might be able to get amazing deals, because the other choice that the people holding the sale have are to throw the items away or put them in long term storage.如果有人要搬家,特別是他們要去另一個國家,他們有時會有一個搬家出售。對他們來說,這是一個很好的方法,可以把他們所有的東西都賣了,希望他們能擺脫它??紤]到運輸物品非常昂貴,特別是如果它們很大,不值得運輸它們。以現金出售然后再購買替代品要便宜得多。對于移動銷售,這通常意味著家具(床、沙發、書架等)和汽車等物品都包含在銷售中。你可能會得到驚人的優惠,因為舉辦銷售的人的另一個選擇是把這些物品扔掉或放好長期儲存。

I spent almost $1000 at the moving sale down the street, but I got almost all the household items I will ever need!我花了將近1000美元在街上的移動銷售,但我得到了幾乎所有的家庭用品,我將永遠需要!

When we held our moving sale, we spent almost a month planning it to make sure that we could get rid of all our things.當我們舉行搬家大甩賣時,我們花了將近一個月的時間來計劃,以確保我們能擺脫所有的東西。

Yard sale庭院拍賣

A yard sale is also similar to a garage or moving sale. Instead of putting the items for sale in the garage, however, you usually put them in the yard directly. This is not a considerable difference when you talk about the contents of the sale, however.庭院拍賣也類似于車庫或搬家拍賣。然而,你通常不是把要出售的東西放在車庫里,而是直接放在院子里。不過,當你談到銷售的內容時,這并不是一個很大的區別。

Amanda is holding a yard sale to raise money for charity, would you like to stop by?阿曼達正在舉行一場庭院拍賣會,為慈善事業籌款,你想順便來看看嗎?

My father used to spend his Saturday mornings going to different yard sales in the neighborhood, looking for fish tanks that people no longer want. He found dirt cheap tanks and never bought one new.我父親過去常常在周六早上去附近的不同的庭院銷售,尋找人們不再想要的魚缸。他找到了便宜的臟坦克,但從未買過新的。


A bazaar is a type of market. In the Middle East, it is like any type of street market. In other parts of the world, bazaars are usually used to raise money for something.For the most part, the cause is a charity, and people bring their items to donate so that there will be things to sell. In that way, it is like a garage sale, but on a much larger scale and for a good cause!集市是一種市場。在中東,它就像任何類型的街市。在世界其他地方,集市通常是用來籌款的。在很大程度上,慈善事業是一種慈善事業,人們帶著他們的物品去捐贈,這樣就有東西可以賣了。這樣,它就像一個車庫出售,但在更大的規模和一個好的理由!

When I was in Girl Scouts, we used to hold a holiday bazaar every year to raise money for orphans who needed new winter clothes.我在女童子軍的時候,我們每年都會舉辦一個節日義賣會,為需要新冬裝的孤兒籌款。

Shopping at a bazaar is a good deal for everyone, since you can get a great deal, get rid of things that you do not want, and raise money for a good cause.在集市上購物對每個人來說都是一筆好買賣,因為你可以得到很多,擺脫你不想要的東西,為一個好的事業籌集資金。

Flea market跳蚤市場

A flea market is similar to a bazaar in that there are multiple stalls where people sell items. It is a little different, because people who are at the flea market sometimes accept trades.Rather than having to buy things, you might be able to trade your items or services for them. The items also tend to be cheap, so they are places to find affordable things. In addition, if you are lucky, you might be able to find antiques or collectibles!跳蚤市場類似于集市,有多個攤位供人們出售物品。這有點不同,因為跳蚤市場的人有時會接受交易,你可以用你的物品或服務來交換,而不必買東西。這些東西也往往很便宜,所以它們是找到便宜東西的地方。此外,如果你幸運的話,你可能會找到古董或收藏品!

Do you know if there is a flea market in town? I am looking for a place to get a cheap new cabinet.你知道城里有沒有跳蚤市場?我在找一個地方買一個便宜的新櫥柜。

I found this great rug at the flea market; it was a little dirty but it works just as well as any other rug after I cleaned it up a bit!我在跳蚤市場找到了一塊很好的地毯,它有點臟,但洗了一點后,它的效果和其他地毯一樣好!