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Sometimes we want to add emphasis to what we feel or do. Perhaps we don’t want to just tell someone “I love you”, but “I love you very much.” Maybe we don’t want to just describe “I work hard”, but “I work very hard.”有時我們想強調我們的的感覺或是所做的事。也許我們不想告訴別人“我愛你”,而是“我非常愛你”,也許我們不只想描述“我努力工作”,而是“我非常努力地工作”。

Very is a commonly used word in the English language that works as a superlative, a word that adds length, weight, boldness, and an emphasis to an adverb.“very”是英語中最常用的一個詞,用作最高級,是一個增加副詞長度、重量、粗體表示強調的詞。

Sometimes though, if we use very too often (i.e. “I love this very much”; “I ran very fast”; “I worked very hard”), it can become redundant. If you use the same word over and over, it can lose its meaning; it can lose its value.但有時,如果我們使用very太頻繁(例如,“我非常喜歡這個”;“我跑得很快”;“我很努力”),它可能會變得多余。如果你一次又一次地使用同一個詞,它會失去它的意義;它會失去它的價值。

Sometimes, telling someone seriously, “I love you,” holds more weight than saying “I love you very much.” This can be avoided by selectively choosing when to use “very”, and only using it when you truly mean it. This overuse can also be avoided by adding variety to your language.有時,認真地告訴某人,“我愛你”,比說“我非常愛你”更重要。這可以通過有選擇地選擇何時使用“非?!眮肀苊?,只有當你真正認真地使用它時才使用它。這種過度使用也可以通過增加語言的多樣性來避免。

There are many very synonyms to use in place of very that add diversity and color to the way we speak or write, and perhaps some synonyms are more fitting for what we mean to say than just “very”.有很多同義詞可以用來代替very,這增加了我們說話或寫作的方式的多樣性和色彩,也許有些同義詞比“very”更適合我們所說的意思。

Synonyms of Very:Very的同義詞:


a very large number of something形容某物數量龐大

The corporation made it abundantly clear to their clients that they were going to make amends for the cyber hack.該公司向他們的客戶明確表示,他們將為網絡黑客行為作出補償。

We had abundantly packed for the 3 week trip around Asia; leaving almost nothing behind.我們在亞洲旅行了3個星期,行程滿滿,幾乎沒有剩下沒去過的地方。

My home growing up always felt abundantly filled with love.我成長的家總是充滿愛。


a very sharp understanding or insight to something對某事物敏銳的理解或洞察

The artificially intelligent cyborg has an acutely sarcastic sense of humor.人工智能的電子人具有尖銳的諷刺幽默感。

The citizens are becoming acutely aware of corruption going on inside the country’s political institutions.公民們越來越敏銳地意識到該國政治機構內部正在產生腐敗行為。

The acutely intelligent professor was made famous by his research.這位極為聰明的教授因他的研究而出名。


very far down非常遙遠,深刻

I deeply regret not apologizing sooner to my father after years of silence.多年的沉默之后,我很后悔沒有早點向父親道歉。

He was deeply in love with the woman, willing to sacrifice anything for her.他深愛著那個女人,愿意為她犧牲一切。

She feels deeply peaceful when leaving her yoga classes, before returning to the chaotic city.在她離開瑜伽課回到混亂的城市之前,她感到非常平靜。


to a very great measure or degree of something在很大程度上

The futbol team played extremely well for a mostly young league, competing in the playoffs.富特波爾隊在一個年輕的聯盟中表現非常好,他將在季后賽中競爭。

The students’ performance was extremely impressive at the national youth competition.學生們在全國青年競賽中的表現令人印象深刻。

The salesman can be extremely persuasive when wanting to make a profit.當銷售員想要賺錢時,他會變得非常有說服力。


very unique非常獨特

The mathematician is an exceptionally gifted thinker.這位數學家是一位天賦異稟的思想家。

You look exceptionally beautiful this evening.你今晚看起來特別漂亮。

This is an exceptionally delicious meal.這是一頓特別好吃的飯。


very unique or special非常獨特或者特別

This was an extraordinarily creative Olympics’ opening ceremony.這是一個非常有創意的奧運會開幕式。

You have to be an extraordinarily fast runner to participate in the Olympics’ track divisions.你必須是一個跑得非??斓倪\動員才能參加奧運會的田徑比賽。

The company offered a pay-raise to their esteemed worker, for being an extraordinarily gifted software programmer.這家公司為他受人尊敬的員工提供加薪服務,因為他是一名非常有天賦的軟件程序員。


a great amount or degree of something形容大量的

I was greatly appreciative to all the people who came out to support my family during my grandmother’s death.我非常感激在我祖母去世時出來支持我家人的所有人。

We had a greatly adventurous time during our college experience.我們在大學期間經歷了一段非常冒險的時光。

The government had a greatly ambitious plan to help boost the economy.政府有一個雄心勃勃的計劃來促進經濟發展。


to a higher degree; something very favorable or well done在更高的程度上;非常有利或做得很好的東西

He is a highly esteemed worker, always giving his best.他是一個很受人尊敬的工人,遇事總是盡力而為。

The mother was highly grateful to her children for the birthday party organized by them.母親非常感謝她的孩子們為他們舉辦的生日聚會。

I am highly close to my mother; we have a very trusting relationship.我和我母親非常親近,我們彼此非常信任。


to a great extent很大程度上

I want my students to be hugely motivated to come to my class each and every day.我希望我的學生每天都能積極地來上課。

This is a hugely ambitious venture for me to tackle a full running marathon, with only three months to train.對于我來說,這是一次雄心勃勃的冒險,我要完成一次全程馬拉松,只需要三個月的訓練。

We shared a hugely decadent meal amongst friends over our vacation.假期里我們和朋友們一起吃了一頓極為頹廢的飯。


to a very great extent在很大程度上

She is an immensely gracious person, always a role model to those around her.她是一個非常和藹可親的人,她總是周圍人的榜樣。

I am immensely excited for our trip through South Asia.我為我們的南亞之行感到非常興奮。

My husband came home immensely tired from work yesterday; I think we need a vacation soon.我丈夫昨天下班回家很累,我想我們很快就要休假了。


to an extreme degree在極端地程度上

He loved her intensely, but she did not feel the same way about him.他深愛著她,但她對他的感覺不同。

The Texas heat can be intensely hot, and sometimes even dangerous during the summer months.德克薩斯州的高溫可能非常熱,有時甚至在夏季很危險。

I’ve become intensely paranoid about my security since the robbery in our neighborhood last week.自從上星期我們附近發生搶劫案以來,我對我的安全狀況變得極度敏感。



Sometimes, I just really need a big, juicy burger for dinner.有時候,晚餐我真的只需要一個大的多汁漢堡。

Do you really want to know my secret recipe for my banana cream pie?你真的想知道我的香蕉奶油派的秘方嗎?

I am really sure this is the man for me, and I want to marry him.我真的很確定這就是我的男人,我想嫁給他。


very worthy of attention非常值得關注

It’s a remarkably beautiful day today.今天天氣真好。

The iPhone remarkably changed the way we use cell phones today.iPhone顯著改變了我們今天使用手機的方式。

I’m not vegan, but this meatless meal was remarkably good.我不是素食主義者,但這頓沒肉的飯非常好吃。


a very great extent很大地程度上

I’ve gotten tremendously far in learning English, since I began learning a few months ago.自從幾個月前我開始學習英語以來,我在學習英語方面進步已經非常大了。

My mother has always been a tremendously hard worker.我母親一直是一個非常努力的工人。

We took a tremendously long road trip across Alaska one summer.一個夏天,我們在阿拉斯加進行了一次非常漫長的公路旅行。


to the fullest degree or something到了最充分的程度

I truly am happy here in my new apartment.在我的新公寓里,我真的很高興。

We are truly grateful for the wedding gifts we received from friends and family.我們非常感謝朋友和家人送我們的結婚禮物。

The accused man pleaded that he was truly innocent before the jury.被告在陪審團面前辯稱自己是清白的。

So much:非常:

to a higher degree表達更高的程度

I love you so much.我如此愛你。

Thank you so much for coming all this way to see me.非常感謝你穿越千山萬水來看我。

We are so much closer after having worked together for the past three years.我們在一起工作了三年,現在比以前更親密了。


very well; excellently; to the highest ranking非常好;非常出色;達到最高等級

This is a supremely well-crafted leather chair, hand-made and imported from Italy.這是一把精心制作的皮革椅子,手工制作,從意大利進口。

The university has a supremely renowned faculty of professors.這所大學的學院里擁有非常著名的教授。

For being a used and restored laptop, it’s working supremely well and efficiently.作為一臺使用和修復過的筆記本電腦,它工作得非常好且高效。